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July 4, 2018 Chaise

West Elm Pouf Ideas

West Elm Pouf makes a comfortable complement to all bedrooms, giving a place to sit, store and staple things. It’s not hard to create such a bench from an old coffee table, which can be cheap and easy to find at an economy store or flea market. Reusing a coffee table that has seen better days for a bed bench makes a simple and productive project, as well as a good complement to your bedroom.


Find an old West Elm Pouf – whether on the web, in a flea market, in an economy store or your wind – built to meet the needs you need. Dimensions vary depending on the size of your bed and how much flat area you want your bench to have. The coffee table should be shorter than the bed, and if you want to sit on the bench, not so deep that it’s inconvenient to sit on. The coffee table should also be sturdy. Refinish the coffee table. First, remove the legs if you can, then sand the whole coffee table. If you want to keep the wood look coffee table, you can dye and paint it.

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Place the foam pad on top of the West Elm Pouf top, and make sure the dimensions are the same. Attach it with glue or hook and loop strips. Wrap the foam pad and table top with the fabric. Roll the edges of the fabric below, creating an even edge. Attach the fabric to the bottom of the coffee table, using the staple gun. Complete opposite sides of the table to ensure that the fabric attaches smoothly and smoothly; then staple the other two sides. Replace the legs on the coffee table, making sure that you attach them properly.

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