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July 4, 2018 Chaise

Stretch Legs with Beautiful Square Pouf

How about stretching your legs to rest in a beautiful square pouf? He can stand in the living room next to a coffee table. Thus, it harmonizes very well together with the sofa and the rest of the decoration. Remember to bet on room pouf in shades that have proximity to the colors already used in the environment. Not to undo much and create an opposite effect, with a heavier environment.

The square pouf can also be very useful in the room. You can have one or more to accommodate more people when you have home visits. The advantage is that it is easy to accommodate and when the visitors leave, it can be easily stored in any corner. The bedroom is one of the favorite places of the house. Perfect for resting and good night’s sleep. Should also have a nice decoration.

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Try using a square pouf ottoman at the foot of the bed or up to two. These to form a nice decoration and serve as a sideboard for some pieces. He can also stay by the bed, if you prefer, acting as a nightstand, and can support objects. In addition, for girls, it can be used along with a dressing table in front of a mirror. These for those special moments in which they like to spend a lot of time tidying up. And can also be used as a bench for visitors.

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