Small Ikea Desk With Tray Keyboard

Small Ikea Desk for a Few Meters Spaces

July 8, 2018 Small Desk

Small Desk with Keyboard Tray Idea

A small desk can be in the correct height for a screen. But it may not be right or comfortable for keyboard use. Desk tables with a narrow depth can leave a little space for correct placement of both a keyboard and a screen. Create a small desk with keyboard tray or holder by placing a separate table in front of the desk or working surface. Place the keyboard on the table and type from there. This provides plenty of space to place the screen and keyboard for ergonomic success.

You can look for a small desk with keyboard tray that has height adjustment (hand swivel or electric). So that the keypad can be properly placed for each person using the computer. Attach a keyboard tray of small desk with keyboard tray to the underside of the desktop and have the ability to push the keyboard out of the way when not in use. Bins and drawers come in many different styles.

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Which can include an attached mouse platform, a palm rest or a combination tray that contains keyboard, mouse platform and wrist rest. Keyboard trays can be found on office supplies, some office furniture retailers and through office hardware suppliers. Items will require some basic installation skills such as using an electric screwdriver and a tape measure. Consider the use of an adjustable office chair to work properly with the height of small desk with keyboard tray.

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