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July 10, 2018 Bookcase

Simple Diy Hanging Wall Bookcase

Hanging Wall Bookcase – A board, a piece of string, one (or more) nails and that’s it! You do not need to stock up on DIY supplies and tools to do nice things. The proof, the hanging shelf, achievable with three times nothing, is very fashionable at the moment. It’s not worth it to be a DIY ace to make your hanging shelf stand out, you just have to know how to make a hole in a wall.

Choose your hanging wall bookcase. This is the main thing when you make a hanging shelf. We opt for a pretty board that matches the decor. We can choose an old board for a reclaimed effect or a tree trunk for a 100% natural effect. Same for the support cables: wool fall, string, leather belt or strap, etc. We do what we want. We choose to put one or more nails to support the shelf.

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Here to everything depends on the desired taste and result With several nails, the shelf will obviously be more stable and solid but for a decorative hanging wall bookcase supporting light pieces, we can put a single nail. Very place to his thing and everything in his place! We take precautions. The hanging shelf is neither the most stable nor the strongest shelf, so we avoid fragile objects and/or installs its hanging shelf in a place little passing.

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