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July 3, 2018 Chaise

Painting Rattan Pouf

Rattan Pouf – Rattan or basket, which is often used on outdoor chairs, is made of woven weave together to create a sturdy alternative. Rotting furniture is sometimes found indoors also, especially in a solarium or similar area. Update new color furniture to make it feel more modern, fit into your interior or enhance its look. The angles created by sharp construction make it difficult to evenly coat rattan furniture with color. Use proper application to avoid drip or thin areas in the paint.


Dust on Rattan Pouf with a dustbin or similar tool that does not leave any residue. Use a lint-free, damp cloth to wipe off dirty stains from the chair. Slowly rub the rattan chair with a piece of sandpaper, especially if it is already painted or coated with a sealer. Grinding helps the color adhere. Vacuum or use a dustbin to remove any dust on the chair. Vacuum the area so that the dust is not kicked on the wet color.

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Spread a drop cloth under furniture to capture any color games. Place the Rattan Pouf upright on the drop cloth. Spray the chair with spray paint in even, thin layers. Spray upper visible areas during this painting session, including all recessed parts. Allow the paint to dry for at least one hour or until dry when touched. Turn the chair up and down to provide easy access to the bottom of the chair. Spray these areas of the chair the same way you did the top. Let the chair dry again.

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