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July 3, 2018 Bookcase

Ideal Queen Bookcase Bed

Queen bookcase bed – Plaster is one of the most used materials in construction, but also in the decoration of homes. It is easy to work, economical and its placement is very simple. For plaster shelves there are several options! Gypsum shelves in niches: the first choice of plaster shelves is that they can be conceived from the origin of the project, ie, including shelves in niches, which gives a distinctive touch to the design of the house.

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Gypsum shelves attached to the wall: they can also be built on the walls already made, with drywall. They are economical and very resistant, which makes them perfect for placing queen bookcase bed. The shelves and shelves in addition to offering alternatives to organize books become an accessory of much prominence in home decoration. There are many options to make these elements, such as recycling wooden boards or pallets.

The built-in queen bookcase bed is an alternative similar to those made in plaster. From a niche, these surfaces can be place and can be made of wood, glass or melamine. When you have double height ceilings, the ideal is to place shelves made as they go from floor to ceiling. The style and colors of the shelves will depend on the trend that predominates in the space, although the tones of the wood will give a more cozy feeling to the design.

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