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How to Use Coaster Bookcase as Room Divider

Coaster Bookcase – The shelves are a decorative and functional part of a wall. Shelves in the pit, living room, office or hallway need decorative dividers that blend with the decor of the room. There are several ways in which you can break the lines of books on your shelves. You will need material or items strong enough to keep the books from tipping over. A base can be used to show sports collections, stones, pieces of quartz, trophies, and dolls, to name a few collectibles. You can make a solid wood divider that blends with the environment.

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Choose decorative wooden supports to match the coaster bookcase. There is a wide variety to choose from. Alternatively, paint or dye the supports to match the color of their shelves. Use a level and mark the vertical position of a shelf divider wherever you go between the shelves. Turn the bottom of the stand upwards and hold against the back wall of the shelf. Mark the holes that are drilled in the back plate (if available).

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You can drill when the marks have and firmly fix the bracket to the coaster bookcase with screws. If the shelves are mounted directly on the wall, place the support dividers on the wall. You can drill through the platform and support and the screws on top of the platform below for additional stability. Cover the heads of the screws with wooden dowels to disguise them.

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