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July 6, 2018 Small Desk

How to Get Ideal Small Writing Desks

Small writing desks – We have already talked about the size of houses and apartments. Each time they are smaller, challenging us to look for ways to optimize the spaces and make everything fit in a few square meters. At the same time, we are more and more the creators that work from home, forcing us to find an optimal place to perform our work. So how to solve this problem of a few meters and an optimal place of work?

A little paint always helps fix everything … And in this case, it’s no exception. Choose your favorite color, or one that matches well with your space, and simply make a rectangle on the wall behind small writing desks. There will be no doubt that this is YOUR space (and one with a lot of style). This is a great material: a plate full of holes, which can be painted in any color, and put on the wall to hang all the things you need to have on hand.

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Besides being ultra functional, it serves to frame well the space of your home office. We have already told you that the garlands of lights are in fashion, and this idea we loved for small writing desks. And is that in addition to achieving a perfect indirect lighting, are a very trendy accessory to give a different touch to this space that is almost always more formal.

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