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How to Decorate the Ashley Furniture Bookcase

Ashley Furniture Bookcase – Bookstores are not just for storing books. If your bookstores are integrated into the wall or independent, you can make them an integral part of your home’s decoration. Jazz the color shelves, collections, art, and photographs. Do not forget to improve bookstores with festive decoration when decorating your home for the holidays. Use the shelves to display miniature Christmas trees, fresh flowers or other types of vegetation depending on the season and occasion.

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The back of an independent bookstore or on the wall behind a built-in library to make it stand out with an Ashley furniture bookcase. Choose a paint tone, such as yellow blue or soft butter, mix with the general appearance of the room. Choose a vibrant tone, like orange or turquoise coral, to make the bookcase the focal point of the room. Add storage space to hide items for the home and reduce clutter. Place wicker baskets or shallow wooden drawers on shelves to drawers. Fill glasses with items from those magazines, small electronics, office supplies, candles and holiday decoration items stored.

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Showcase a prized collection to break ranks of books or files. Place vacation shells in vintage turquoise apothecary jars for a fresh look. Fill a glass container with vintage Christmas ornaments jewel tones or colored marbles on the Ashley furniture bookcase.

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