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July 2, 2018 Bookcase

How to Decorate Bookcase with Rolling Ladder

Bookcase with Rolling Ladder are not just for storing books. Whether your bookshelves are built into the wall or stand-alone, you can make them a part of your home decor. Jazz shelves up with color, collections, drawings and photographs. Do not forget to increase bookshelves with festive decor when decorating your home for vacation. Use the shelves to display miniature Christmas trees, fresh flowers or other greenery depending on season and occasion.


Paint the back of a stand-alone bookcase or wall behind a built-in Bookcase with Rolling Ladder to make it stand out. Choose a color hue, such as butter yellow or soft blue, to blend with the overall appearance of the room. Choose a living shade, such as coral orange or turquoise, to make the bookshelf in focus in the room. Add space to hide household items and reduce the mess. Place braided baskets or base wooden boxes on the shelves to resemble boxes. Fill the vessels with records such magazines, small electronics, office supplies, candles and stored holiday interior details.

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Show a wrapped collection to break up rows of books or files. Place a holiday seashell in vintage turquoise glass pharmacy cans for a windy look. Fill a crystal bowl with vintage jewel-tinted Christmas ornament or colorful balls. Display framed photographs on Bookcase with Rolling Ladder. Choose frame styles like clothed wood, elegant silver or shabby chic-inspired white metal, to coordinate with the appearance of the room. Place large frames on top of the bookcase or on a high shelf. Put them all on a shelf or sprinkle them around the bookshelf.

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