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July 4, 2018 Desk Lamp

How to Attach a Piano Desk Lamp

Piano Desk Lamp – Many of these lamps are for pianos, which have the top cap. These lights simply rest on top of the piano. But musicians who play flies need lights that attach to the piano itself. Clip-on piano lights can be battery powered or can plug into the wall.


Clear the piano’s music notes. Place the Piano Desk Lamp at the top of the center of the stand. Turn the lamp so that the neck is horizontal across the keyboard. Pull out the clip at the base of the adjustable neck. Place it on top of the notch with the top end of the stand between the clamping sides. Snap clamp closed. Run the cord, if the lamp has one, behind the nozzle and an outlet. If the cord may fall into the piano, tape it along the back of the stand.

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Tips and warnings

If your piano does not have a built-in notebook, find a Piano Desk Lamp with a base instead of a clip, and adjust the neck so that the lamp lights up the keyboard. Get help with all the hanging / hinge projects if possible. It is better to have more help than you need rather than risking a tear in your wood.

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