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July 5, 2018 Desk Lamp

Green Glass Desk Lamp Vintage Style

Green Glass Desk Lamp – It is characterized by a solid bronze base and a rounded horizontal green glass screen. As the name suggests, this desk lamp was initially conceived for accountants or “bankers”. Bankers’ electric lamps are desk task lighting fixtures that have been used since the 1800s. Traditionally, the shade is molded glass with a green outer glass or enamel coating. Spare tones are available at many online and local lighting stores.

Before buying a green glass desk lamp replacement shade bankers. Inspect the lamp and take note of any information that may be engraved or molded into the lamp, such as the manufacturer or the model number. Measure the distance between the screws that hold the screen in place. Local lighting stores may have replacement shades for bank lamps. When shopping locally, it is a good idea to carry the lamp base of the lighting store to ensure proper adjustment of the screen on the base.

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If it is not possible to transport the lamp, bring information about the lamp. As well as the photographs were taken of the lamp from different angles. If possible, contact the lamp manufacturer for an exact replica of the original shade. To replace a vintage green glass desk lamp shade, contact online companies that specialize in reproduction or spare parts for antique or vintage lamps. Use note of the lamp information and measurements to select a replacement tone that fits your lamp.

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