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July 6, 2018 Desk Lamp

Full Spectrum Desk Lamp: Great Solution!

From the typical cans to the largest paint cans, there are many ideas for recycling to decorate and turn them into really beautiful and decorative full spectrum desk lamp. It’s just a matter of throwing a little imagination and gets down to work. On the roof can also be a great solution, especially if they are in a group. But perhaps one of the things that have surprised me most is the use of washing machine drums turned into lamps…

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How I regret right now to have taken my old washing machine to the recycling point without saving the drum! I see the things I could have achieved … and I drool. Create standing full spectrum desk lamp with it that will leave the visitors in awe, whether we opt for the high version as for the lowest one. And we will be the last, now that the metal lamps are trend.

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And I do not tell you how beautiful it can be as a full spectrum desk lamp … Sees it with your own eyes! An original ceiling lamp just by giving it a coat of paint. And if we give them a coat of paint, they look great! If I am willing to change the washing machine again … I will not tell you more!

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