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July 2, 2018 Bookcase

Create Comfy Room And Board Bookcase

If you think that a room and board bookcase only serves to study and pick up books on loan you are very wrong. Libraries serve much more than that … and no. I’m not talking about connecting to the Internet through computers in the room or through Wi-Fi, nor am I talking about the reading clubs that are organized every so often. No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about something else…

Something more like watching movies, dancing, drinking wine, taking a nap, borrowing video games … Come on, a whole repertoire to keep in mind to know. And to know, that the room and board bookcase is much more than reading and study . The library is knowledge, leisure and creation. There are few libraries that program among their activities to project films in their facilities. The ultimate goal of this activity is to make library users enjoy a good selection of films (classic and contemporary).

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In addition, in some cases, after the screening you can start a round of impressions and comments from what was seen by the attendees. Everything is sharing. The library is culture … and music too. And what better than to bring both to celebrate live music concerts and bring music to people through room and board bookcase. Without a doubt, it is a very good activity.

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