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July 11, 2018 Bookcase

Building Heavy Duty Bookcase

Heavy Duty Bookcase – Building wall attached bookshelves provide storage space for your books without consuming valuable floor space. A do-it-yourself job is not only simple, it also allows greater flexibility in designing and placing your bookshelves, so that you can achieve the look you want. You can also play with ornate shelf consoles for a polished, professional look for your home-made bookshelves.


Measure to the desired height on your Heavy Duty Bookcase from the ceiling down and mark the point with a pen. Find three wall controls with control detector near the bookshelf mode. The doubles become 16-inches apart. Select the desired height of the shelf on three consecutive studs. Make sure the three brands run straight with the help of the level. Place a shelf bracket on one of the marks you just made and screw with a screwdriver and screwdriver or drill a stud behind the wall. Repeat with the remaining brackets on the other two brands. Place the shelf top under the three shelf consoles with the length evenly distributed over them. Screw in place from the bottom of each console.

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Tips and warnings

If you make your own shelf top, sand and paint it before it is in place on the shelf brackets. At several Heavy Duty Bookcase down a wall, start with the top shelf first and work your way down to ensures the level of distance. If you want a wall-length shelf, place a shelf bracket on each bolt in the selected wall, and cut your shelf top to fit accordingly. If you do not screw the shelf brackets into a wooden rule, you will endanger the strength of your bookshelves. Stud Finders can be rented from most hardware stores for a reasonable fee.

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